Teacher Per!

March 14, 2013

Ps. pictures attached at the end of this post…

Oh, how I’ve loved these two weeks of teaching!
The kids have shown me so much love, and I will miss them all!!

I have been working at the school «Nuestra Señora de Sion» in Puntarenas. Most of the time has been spent assisting my mentor Evelyn in English classes for grades 1-4. We have sung songs («todos: and the sun comes up, up, up…») about the weather conditions, greeted each other and invited each other to dinner, parties, the movies and more.
I also spent a few hours with 5th and 6th, where I also got to practice a bit of Spanish.

Besides Evelyn, it was also a pleasure meeting the other teachers: Yahaira, Yorleny and Marina.
And the IT professor Juan Manuel (spaniard), was kind enough to let me use the computer lab…the only room with air condition (it actually gave me a bit of a «aircondition cold», though). Gracias!

Last weekend was spent in the beautiful Montezuma. A small town, but with incredible beaches. To my surprise, I met «old» friends and collegues from the turtle project in Playa Real, the italians Sabrina, Luca, Matteo and Simone. They invited me to tag along, which I greatly appreciated. Grazie!
We spent Saturday walking to and from a small waterfall, which gave me another blister…
The more spectacular waterfall I visited on Sunday morning, before heading back to Puntarenas.

Tomorrow I will travel to Monteverde, a small town in the mountains close to a few national parks. They tell me it’s really cold there, which will probably suit me perfectly, as it means around 20 celsius (while yesterday we had 37 here, which I don’t like all that much).

On Sunday I willl once again head for the capital San Jose, to start my four weeks of working in an orphanage. Another, and different, experience!

And yeah, again I have had the privelege of staying with a nice tica family. They have all made me feel very welcome! Muchos gracias!

Hasta luego!