Back in San José…


March 26, 2013

Well, before I returned to San José for volunteer work in an orphanage, I spent a weekend in Monteverde. A beautiful place up in the mountains, which climate was a fresh welcome after two hot and humid weeks in Puntarenas. Actually I liked Monteverde so much I am going back for a few days in Semana Santa (easter).
Maybe it was the bungee jump that did it!! I have never been a fan of heights, but agreed with myself that new experiences are what this adventure is about, so what the h…
143 metres (claimed to be the highest in Latin America), jumping from a cart out in open air. What a rush!

Coming back to San Jose was also very nice! I have made many new friends here, through my Spanish classes at Universal de Idiomas and through my two weeks in Playa Real (which is still very much the highlight of my travels so far), and it was very nice to meet some of them again!
I enjoy my work in the orphange as well. I spend most of my time with the smallest children (from 9 months two 4 years), playing with them, feeding them etc. They are all very adorable!

I have time off in Semana Santa, and my first days were spent getting a couple of new tattoos in the small town Dominical. Very happy with them! On my left calf I got the names of my kids, and on my right forearm I got a Ben Harper quote (from the song «Waiting on an angel»), which is kind of my life motto: «Speak kind to a stranger, ’cause you’ll never know, it just might be an angel come, knocking at your door».

My new host family is just as nice as the others! They feed me well, and I fear I am gaining weight 😉

Here is a few pictures from Monteverde, Ricardo Saprissa stadium in San Jose (Saprissa beat Santos 1-0, which was terrific), and a few of my tattoos.